About EQ Creative

We look at every element of the website design and development process so it achieves your business's goals. Each website reflects your company's brand and flows with your vision and mission.

We ensure your visitors get their needs met by sharp, accessible, and beautifully designed online solutions.

We are experts at identifying untapped markets in your business industry and utilizing web-based technology to improve profitability.

A great website shouldn't just sit there; it should cater for every personality type and work for you.

EQ puts your website to work by implementing visionary principles used by every professional salesperson or presentation process in the world. We use our own, real world experience, gained from the design of over 20,000 website pages.

Our in-house development team produces beautiful designs, website content full of personality and internet solutions with purpose.

What also sets us apart, as a web design company, is our ability to listen. We always ensure we understand the customer, and his/her needs implicitly, before we begin on the design process. How can we design a website that will offer you a return on your investment, if we don't know whom your customer base is?

Our Team

At EQ, team work is everything, supporting your colleague and working to our Vision and Mission is paramount.  Our team love working at EQ and enjoy coming to work, we believe in customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on approaching issues with solutions. Successful continuous growth of EQ Creative Ltd ensures success of the team and each member. A team member is continuously learning in their field and contributing to the team’s knowledge base.

  • Sacha Bright


  • Ollie Judd

    Senior Designer

  • Lindsay Roxburgh

    Accounts and Finance